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Policy No. 02-05-01 Effective Date: 01/29/2007



The City of Thunder Bay shall, for its own projects, strive toward the highest standard ("Diamond") for aesthetics that is based on a vision for a clean, green and beautiful city. This policy reflects the understanding that a clean, green, beautiful city is a proud city.

Further, the City of Thunder Bay shall recognize private Clean, Green and Beautiful development initiatives.

On an annual basis, a minimum of 1% of the typical Gross Capital Budget would be included in the annual Budget for Clean, Green and Beautiful Initiatives. In the event any of the funds cannot be applied to the annual Clean, Green and Beautiful Plan, the funds would be transferred into a Clean, Green and Beautiful Reserve Fund for use on future related capital initiatives.


It is the City's vision to foster and promote our quality of life, which is directly linked to establishing and nurturing a healthy community that is environmentally sustainable. The vision for improving our quality of life is centred on the creation and maintenance of a city that celebrates its culture and history through the arts and architecture, protects and enhances its natural systems, and provides a clean and healthy environment for its citizens - it is quite simply, clean, green and beautiful.

A clean City minimizes its impact on the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling its waste products and by maintaining a healthy built and natural environment for present and future generations.

A green City preserves important natural features (woodlands, watercourses, wetlands, etc.,) and restores and enhances ecological functions with the intention of creating a continuous natural system of sufficient size to remain healthy and vital for future generations.

A beautiful City is one that celebrates its cultural diversity and history through the design of its built form (streets, bridges, buildings and neighbourhoods) as well as through the arts (visual, performance, and civic spaces).

A clean, green and beautiful City is a place where people want to live and work and where people want to visit. It is marketable in terms of economic growth and vitality, it provides a high quality of life for its citizens, and it is a source of pride for all who live there.


Clean, Green and Beautiful

The City shall ensure that its own projects and partnership projects are evaluated based on the following Performance Criteria for Aesthetics and review which criteria are appropriate to each project. For each City project, Council will require project managers to report the extent to which their projects meet the diamond performance standard for clean, green and beautiful. The City shall also recognize projects from the private sector that meet this standard.

Performance Criteria for Aesthetics

Factor Groups

Clean Green Beautiful

Conserving Energy

Preservation of Natural Features

Installation of Public Art *
Solid Waste Management Intensification/Redevelopment Creation of Civic Space
Tidy, uncluttered development Planting Street Trees / Urban Forests Conforms to Design Guidelines

Restoratin of Natural Systems Conserving Built Heritage
Storm Water - Best Practices Landscaping Celebrating Cultural Herigage
Care and Maintenance of Public Space Continuous Parks/Open Space Preservation of Views
Recycling/Reuse of materials Expanding Trail Network Creating Streetscape

Creating Pedestrian/Cycling Amenities Innovative architecture
Reducing Green House Gas Protecting Biological Diversity Pedestrian Scale
Use of Alternative Energy Protecting Ecological Integrity Accessible to all

* The inclusion of public art is encouraged in all levels and especially where there is public traffic. Public art is an artistic endeavour produced for decorative or functional purposes displayed in public spaces including but not limited to:

•    Sculpture, freestanding, wall supported or suspended, moving, electronic, in any material or combination of materials.

•    Murals or paintings in any material or variety of materials.

•    Earthworks, fibre works, neon, glass, mosaics, photography, prints, calligraphy.

•    Fixtures such as gates, manhole covers, benches, streetlight or signage which may be contracted to artists for unique or limited editions.

To meet the gold standard, a project will have met at least 3 criteria in each of the factor groups, to score nine. To meet the diamond standard, a project will have met the gold standard and included an additional element from Beautiful. Figure 1 illustrates the levels of excellence for projects, which are bronze, silver, gold and diamond. It is the intention of the City that project managers design their projects to meet as many of the criteria as possible and that they strive to achieve a diamond standard for their project.

The ability to evaluate the performance of projects with respect to aesthetics provides the City with the ability to evaluate the success of its own projects with respect to the aesthetics policy and to evaluate and recognize the projects of others who have met the diamond standard. Recognition is an important component in communicating the goals of the City with respect to aesthetics and for creating a sense of pride in the community.

Annual Civic Pride Awards are just one of many mechanisms that the City of Thunder Bay could implement for communicating the success of the Policy and for encouraging the private sector (including neighbourhood groups, developers and other public agencies) to partner in the creation of a clean, green and beautiful city.


City of Thunder Bay Cultural Policy

City of Thunder Bay Beautification Strategy

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